Quantum Optics Laboratory was founded by Dr. Morton Rubin (retired) and Dr. Yanhua Shih in the fall of 1989. Since then, this laboratory has been recognized as one of the leading laboratories in the field of quantum optics that attempts to probe the foundation of quantum theory. Their pioneering research on multi-photon entanglement, multi-photon interferometry, quantum imaging, and optical tests of foundations of quantum theory has attracted a great deal of worldwide attention.

In thirty years of research, they have published hundreds of experimental and theoretical works in leading refereed journals and have been invited to present hundreds of lectures and presentations at national and international professional conferences and workshops. Their publications have been cited more than twenty thousand times in the physics journals.

Dr. Shih’s book “An Introduction to Quantum Optics”, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis (1st edition, 2010; 2nd Edition, 2021), is a good summary of their thirty years research.

An Introduction to Quantum Optics, Photon and Biphoton Physics, 2nd Edition


Dr. Shih presented a lecture to JPL recently which is a summary of their research on Quantum Imaging.